Quilt and Craft Fair: Haul

On the weekend I attended the local quilt and craft fair with my mother and sister, who are also crafty types. The first thing we did when we arrived was to check out the quilt exhibition and competition. It was great to see it with my mother as she is a quilter and could provide some insights into the techniques used by the quilters. There were some standouts for me and I’ll share them with you in this post, as well as talk about the needlepoint aspect of the fair and my small haul.

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Current WIP: Custom Wedding Sampler

I got married this April and was looking for a unique wedding sampler to do. I looked at many beautiful designs on the web, but they were either religious or in my opinion too feminine. I wanted a design that my husband would enjoy. I came up with the idea of having our family coat of arms side by side, after seeing it done (though not in stitching) by someone else. I played with many different ways of creating the designs but none really stood out, till this one…

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