Cross-stitch TAG

This TAG was started somewhere on the internet and I have decided to participate:

  1. How did you start or who introduced you to cross stitch?

My Mother did when I was a child.

  1. Do you have a favourite theme or designer?

If I had to pick a favourite designer I would pick Aimee Stewart from Heaven and Earth Designs. But I have also recently bought two charts from Northern Expressions Needlework as well. I love stitching landscapes and scenes at the moment, but my taste is pretty eclectic. I also have done quite a few Dimensions kits when stitching Birth Announcements.

  1. What floss brand do you use?

I use DMC. Just like a lot of other stitchers.

  1. What is your fabric of choice?

Up until a month ago I would have said Aida fabric, but now it is Linen.

  1. Do you use a needle threader or are you a “floss licker”?

I am definitely a ‘floss licker’. I try to limit the amount of ‘gadgets’ I have for stitching and my eyesight is okay at the moment.

  1. What kind of stitching frame do you use?

I currently use scroll frames for larger projects and a floor stand. I use hoops for smaller projects.

  1. How many projects have you finished?

I have finished 9 projects not including some minor ones I did as a kid.

  1. How many completed works do you have currently displayed in your home?

I currently only have 1 project displayed in my home. The ANZAC stitch I showed a picture of in my first blog post.

  1. Do you do more stitching for gifts or keep them for yourself?

At the moment I have stitched more for gifts. Mostly I have stitched birth announcements for my nieces and nephews. I have also stitched a wedding anniversary sampler, baby bibs and door sign.

  1. What is your favourite project or finish you are most proud of?

My favourite finish so far is probably the Dimensions ‘Baby Drawers’ Birth Announcement I did for my niece. I loved the colours. It was also one of my first projects that included blended threads. My favourite project is my wedding sampler I am currently stitching (subject of future blog post).

  1. What has been your least favourite or worst exp while stitching?

My worst experience when stitching was when I started a HAED project called ‘The Butterfly Ball’ and after completing 1 page (3 months of stitching) I realised the fabric was way too small (10 inches too small, not including anything I needed for framing). I was devastated but unable to salvage the project and had to ditch it. I will restart this chart on a different type of fabric anyway. It was originally on Aida but I will restart it on an evenweave or linen.

  1. What do you love and what do you hate about cross stitch?

There isn’t anything I hate about cross-stitch really, making mistakes is annoying of course! I probably dislike the lack of needlework stores I can go and get lost in. I understand why they have closed down, but I wish there was one I could go and look at pretty things in.

I love how the picture reveals itself the longer I stitch. I love the way I can get lost in my stitching. I love the looks on people’s faces when I give them something I put so much time into.

  1. Have you introduced anyone else to cross stitch?

No, I haven’t yet. I would love to though!

  1. What was your first project and did you finish it, if not what was your first finish?

My first real project and my first finish was the ANZAC stitch I talked about in my previous blog.

  1. How do you store your cross stitch floss?

My cross-stitch floss is stored a few different ways. I have 1 skein of each DMC colour I own on stitch-bows in a folder. The extra skeins I have are then stored in ziplock bags labelled with the DMC number. Other types of floss I have, such as leftover Dimensions floss and Anchor, are on bobbins in a bobbin box.

I will probably store my specialty threads in a similar fashion to the DMC, minus the stitch-bows.


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