Stitching Journey

I began to be interested in stitching and craft when I was a child. My mother sews, does needlepoint, including cross-stitch, and she also quilts. I did a few small projects as a child, mostly long stitch using yarn. When I was in later high school I did a few cheap kits from a dollar store, but I didn’t really like the finished pieces and they are now packed away.

The first ‘proper’ project I completed was a kit purchased from Spotlight (a sewing supply shop here in Australia) when I was at university. I needed something to distract me from the study/work/sleep repeat pattern. It took a long time to finish as I mainly stitched it during summer breaks from university and small amounts of free time during semester. I completed it in 2009. Here is the finished piece:

First 'proper' cross-stitch project.

First ‘proper’ cross-stitch project.

The next step in my stitching journey was when I finished university and moved cities to start my new job. After getting settled in I wanted to develop the hobbies I hadn’t had much time for whilst I was at university. I found and ordered some more complex and larger designs on

I started on a design called Embarkation. This is how the project will look when it is completed and the current progress shots:

Completed Project Picture What it will look like when I have finished the project.

June 2013This was my progress as of July 2013.

21 Feb 2014Progress as of 21 February 2014.

First Completed Page 14 July 2014 First completed page as of 14 July 2014.

The next design I started was also from Witchykitt Designs and is called Eiffel Tower. This is what it will look like when I’ve finished and my progress pictures so far:

Completed ProjectWhat it will look like when I am finished.

3 November 2011 Progress as of 3 November 2011

21 February 2014 Progress as of 21 February 2014.

Both Embarkation and Eiffel Tower are stitched on 18-count Aida. I will keep everyone updated on my progress as I try to work out a rotation for my projects. After I started this one, I got distracted from it and completed a few projects for family members or friends having babies. I will do a future post on all of those completed projects.

As I got more into cross-stitching, I discovered Heaven and Earth Designs. They are absolutely gorgeous, but they are big. I will do a separate post on those and how I plan to tackle them.

After I got married I decided to do a wedding sampler and will do a separate post on it. It is my first project on Linen. I have also ordered some new charts which will include using silk threads and specialty stitches. I am looking forward to starting them.

Let me know in the comments if there are any posts you would like me to write, about how I choose my projects or what tools I use for my stitching etc

Happy Stitching!


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