Lessons stitching has taught me

There are many lessons from stitching (or any craft for that matter) that can be applied to the rest of our lives:

1. Patience – Sometimes it takes a long time to see results, to patiently put each stitch in, bit by bit revealing the picture. Patience is a trait that is useful, whether it is waiting for a promotion or saving for a house.

2. Focus – to be able to make progress on stitching I have to be able to focus. Similar focus is needed for work, university and my other interest, ballet.

3. Mistakes are something that will always happen, no matter how careful you are. There are two types of mistakes in stitching, as in life, there are those you can fix or undo, and there are those that you must work around and live with.

4. All of life’s special events should be marked, treasured and celebrated. Stitching is only one way to do this.

5. Stitching has also taught me to test myself, expand my horizons and challenge myself. Bigger projects, different threads and fabric and complex designs.

6. Enjoy the journey as well as the finish. Stitching a big design that takes years to complete cannot be all about the end or stitchers would never complete one. Enjoying the colours, patterns and the slow reveal of the picture is why stitchers do large designs.

7. I appreciate handmade gifts even more so now I have made gifts for others.

Are there any lessons that your craft or hobby has taught you?


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