Current WIP: Custom Wedding Sampler

I got married this April and was looking for a unique wedding sampler to do. I looked at many beautiful designs on the web, but they were either religious or in my opinion too feminine. I wanted a design that my husband would enjoy. I came up with the idea of having our family coat of arms side by side, after seeing it done (though not in stitching) by someone else. I played with many different ways of creating the designs but none really stood out, till this one…

Completed Picture

I came across an advertisement in a cross-stitching magazine for Elite Designs. I ordered the chart and provided the information they needed to find the correct coats of arms, such as, name, country of origin etc. 

This company does the wedding sampler style ones, like I have, as well as the family crests on their own. They also sell other designs, but the crests were the ones I looked at. They were a delight to order from and delivery of the chart was quick. The chart itself is easy to read, which is good as the designs contain lots of fractional stitches. All of my emails to the company were answered really quickly! 

The Project Progress

This project is also a first for me as I am stitching it 2 over 2 on 28-count Cashel Linen fabric in Ecru. I had never stitched on Linen or Evenweave before this. The threads used are all DMC cottons. Here is my first progress picture:

Progress Picture 1

The stitching on this was slow going at first as I got used to counting over 2. I think this picture was taken in maybe mid-late July 2014. 

This is my progress as of 29 July 2014:

29 July Progress

You can see a bit more of the design in this one, the colours have been matched very well. Here is my progress as of 5 August 2014:

5 August Progress

I am using a scroll frame with a floor stand for all my WIPs at the moment, this makes it quite easy to switch between them if I need to.

I am mostly stitching on this project at the moment, but I should institute a rotation so I still make some progress on my other WIPs. I will let you all know what kind of rotation I manage to figure out. 

Happy Stitching!


2 thoughts on “Current WIP: Custom Wedding Sampler

  1. Good morning….. Your coat of arms project is awesome. While I don’t stitch myself, I have started doing patterns from my own photos, as well as custom ones for other people. My background is French Acadian, and we folks have a strong connection to our past. I had once thought of doing coat of arms patterns for the Acadians in our area. Seeing this has refueled that idea. It might even help to get rid of that mental block I blogged about that I was currently having. Thanks!

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