Tool Time TAG

This TAG was started on Youtube and is about stitchers sharing the tools they use for their stitching (apart from needles and floss of course!). My five tools are:

1. Ort Jar


This has actually become one of my most essential ‘tools’. This is the jar I keep all the ends of my threads in. It is great to see the colours in each layer, as well as keeping all those little bits off my chair, floor, clothes and all those other places they seem to travel.

2. Pens and Highlighters


I use these to mark my chart in areas where I have stitched and the pens are special as the ink is erased when exposed to high heat (like an iron). I have used them for gridding on my larger pieces.

3. Lamp


This is my Daylight Lamp. It is fantastic for my stitching corner! Provides excellent light for working when regular lighting isn’t enough. You can kind of see my sewing box in the background. It was a present from my mother and step-father for my birthday and is great for storing all of my stitching supplies.

4. Floor Stand


This is my floor stand (I cannot remember the brand) and it is a very simple model. I cannot flip my frames to get to the back and it is a bit front heavy. This means that if I work on a lower chair than normal I need weights placed on the back to keep it from falling on me. I have been looking at Millennium Frames but they are expensive and this stand works for now.

5. Bull Clips


This is an odd one. But I find these little clips very handy for clipping extra fabric up or clipping my chart page up.

That’s my tool time TAG! If you have any other tools that you use, let me know in the comments below.


One thought on “Tool Time TAG

  1. esltye says:

    That ort jar! What a fabulous idea! Here I am, trying to stack them in a neat heap only for them to fly about everywhere. Thanks for the great tool tip!


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