Quilt and Craft Fair: Haul

On the weekend I attended the local quilt and craft fair with my mother and sister, who are also crafty types. The first thing we did when we arrived was to check out the quilt exhibition and competition. It was great to see it with my mother as she is a quilter and could provide some insights into the techniques used by the quilters. There were some standouts for me and I’ll share them with you in this post, as well as talk about the needlepoint aspect of the fair and my small haul.



This Gecko quilt was one of the first I came across in the show. It has won quite a few categories and was stunning. The picture doesn’t quite show it but the patches on the gecko were actually glitter! The shadowing as well was done really well.






This was just beautiful and had also won a prize. The intricate design work was fantastic and I enjoyed the use of the gold and reds throughout the piece.



I love peacocks so I couldn’t resist this quilt. The borders are relatively simple in design but really accentuate the peacock in the middle.



This one speaks for itself really. The horses each have a metallic thread running through them that matches their colouring. The design was just gorgeous and reminds me of ancient greek and roman art.



This quilt was the show’s overall winner and standout. The design was just gorgeous and more than one person said it would be wasted if it was just a quilt for a bed. It definitely belongs on a wall, to be appreciated everyday. My favourite feature of this one is the butterflies inside the arch. I almost felt like they were really flying.



The colours of this one caught my eye as soon as I saw it. The design is simple compared with other quilts but how they’ve blended the colours together is wonderful. Such a pretty piece.

The next set of quilts were entered under a theme of 10:



This one had a beautiful explanation next to it. It’s 10 theme was 5 pairs of shoes for 10 feet. It is a collection of shoes by the front door, present in almost every home. The explanation went on to describe how her husband’s boots were sometimes not there due to duty away from home. The addition of the father hugging the little boy was just perfect and I loved this one for both the quilting work, the bricks have such a ‘real’ look about them, and the story behind it.



This quilt’s contribution to the 10 theme was 10 cats in 10 tree houses. This one was a delight and the detailing superb. The quilter had used wood and string to create ladders, as well as beads and charms for clocks and decorations in the tree houses. 




My inner nerd was satisfied with this quilt. This one took the theme of 10 more literally and it was interesting to notice each motifs connection to the theme.

Overall, the quilting display was fantastic and we spent about and hour or so looking over them all. I could have taken pictures of every single one. Unfortunately, my phone battery had other ideas. When we moved into the shops and stalls, it was apparent that the majority were geared towards quilters, though there was also a mix of scrapbooking and papercraft stalls, as well as lamp/magnifier sellers. There were also a few beading stalls and wool sellers. We spent quite a bit of time wandering up and down looking at all the beautiful fabrics, tools and kits. 

I found 2 stalls which were selling cross-stitching related stock. One stall was just kits, the other had fabric and kits. Once we had looked around at everything, we grabbed lunch and then set out for the purchasing run!

The first thing I got was a new pair of embroidery scissors.


They are such as lovely colour and so sharp! I needed a new pair and wanted something a bit fancier than just plain silver.

After scouring the kits available at the stall I grabbed 2.


This Bothy Threads one I had been looking at for awhile and so I finally grabbed it! It is all the Kings and Queens of England from 1066 to now. It has a piece of 14 count aida in the kit but I am thinking of switching it out for an evenweave considering how many fractional stitches are in the piece.

The other chart I got was an old Heaven and Earth Designs one.

Snow White

This Snow White and Seven Dwarves chart was just gorgeous and I had to add it too my HAED collection.

The next thing I purchased was not actually cross-stitch but something to help develop my machine sewing skills.



I am looking forward to having a go at sewing him using my sewing machine. I will let you all know how I go when I get around to it! He might have to be a holiday or christmas project.

I also purchased a fat quarter of 25 count linen to go with a HAED I am in the process of kitting up for starting once I’ve finished my wedding sampler. 



So, there is my haul and I was pretty happy with it, as was my bank balance. The woman who sold me the linen (for only $10) shared my lament that many stitching stores were closing down and that the craft didn’t seem as popular anymore. She also warned me that a lot of sewing shops were ordering in cheaper linens and evenweave fabrics and to be careful as these ‘cheaper’ ones tended to pull, making your piece misshapen. The linen she recommended was either the Zweigart or Permin (the one she was selling). I have only ever stitched with those two companies so I can’t tell you if what she says about cheaper linens is true. Let me know if you’ve come across any cheaper ones that got out of shape or the weave was too loose. 


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