Heaven and Earth Designs Chart Collection and Haul

If you’re a stitcher who hasn’t found Heaven and Earth Designs yet check out their website HERE.

Their charts contain no back stitching or fractionals. However, they are quite detailed charts, but look more intimidating than they actually are. Here are pictures of the charts I purchased this month (and some I purchase a while ago). I am definitely banning myself from looking at their site as I’m collecting more charts than I will ever be able to stitch. Collecting is half the fun in my opinion 😉

I will try and give some details about each chart and what I love about them.

The Butterfly Ball

Butterfly Ball Picture

Artwork by Aimee Stewart

Size: 750W x 562H (Which makes this piece a whopping 421,500 stitches!)

I love the vibrant colours in this one and the beautiful artwork. I reminds me of all the fairy stories I read as a child and the streams remind me of little creeks and rivers we visited last time we were in Scotland.

Eleanor of Aquitane

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Artwork by Kinuko YCraft Arts

Size: 450W x 430H (193,500)

I love this one for the detail and historical background to the picture. She is majestic and the horse is beautiful.

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty

Artwork by Scott Gustafson

Size: 450W x 560H (252,000 stitches)

This one I got because I think it would look beautiful hanging in a child’s room. Not sure who I will stitch it for yet. I also love the little spaniel sitting in the wagon, he is just gorgeous.



Artwork by Ann Masiker

Size: 169W x 292H (49,348 stitches)

This is just beautiful. I imagine stitching it for someone’s wedding or just to hang near my own wedding pictures. The colours in this are just gorgeous. I will have to find a good piece of hand dyed fabric to stitch this one on.

Parliament of Owls

Owl Pattern

Artwork by Scott Gustafson

Size: 400W x 279H (111,600 stitches)

This one is going to be my newest project. I love the play on concepts in the piece, as a gathering of owls is referred to as a parliament and they are dressed like parliamentarians, albeit historically. I also love the individual faces of the owls. I am using this piece as a stitch-a-long for a group I belong to, so watch out for updates in December 2014.

Snow White


Artwork by Scott Gustafson (This is my third of his charts!)

Size: 525W x 301H (158,025 stitches)

This one I picked up at the craft fair I went to. I love the story of Snow White and think that the detail in this project is what I’m after. It is also not a Disney version of the story which is refreshing (although I love Disney).

QS Curl Up With A Good Book

QS Curl Up with a Good Book

Artwork by Randal Spangler

Size: 200W x 204H (40,800 stitches)

Who wouldn’t love this cute little guy! Plus one of the books in the background is Harry Potter. I love the colours in this one too, so vibrant!

QS Literate Dragon

QS Literate Dragon

Artwork by Randal Spangler

Size: 175W x 177H (30,975 stitches)

This one is adorable and I couldn’t pass him up. I did, however, buy the QS version of this artwork which is a bit smaller than its full size accompaniment. This one would be great to hang in a library if I ever manage to get one in my house.

QS Once Upon A Time

QS THB Once Upon A Time

Artwork by Aimee Stewart (Another favourite of mine it seems)

Size: 300W x 286H (85,800 stitches)

This one is so lovely and I loved books as a little girl (still do) so it speaks to me. I love the details around the edges as well.

QS Wizard of Oz

QS Wizard of Oz

Artwork by Scott Gustafson

Size: 100W x 104H (10,400 Stitches)

I love the story of the Wizard of Oz so I couldn’t pass up this chart! This is a section of one of Gustafson’s larger designs. He has so many which I would love to do, but I think I should get the ones I have done first!

Storykeep Medieval History

SK Medieval History

Artwork by Randal Spangler

Size: 63W x 359H (22,617 stitches)

This ends up coming out like a large bookmark. Again, the dragon is so cute I couldn’t pass him up. I wanted some smaller HAED charts to work on as I felt like I was only getting larger ones and wouldn’t be able to finish them all.

Storykeep Die Walkur

Storykeeper Diewalkur

Artwork by Kinuko Y.Craft

Size: 65W x 253H (16,445 stitches)

This one is so majestic and she feels so ethereal.

So, there they are! These are the HAEDs I have in my stash ready to be kitted up when I feel like a new start. I will be starting Parliament of Owls on 1st December 2014 and hope to institute a monthly stitching rotation with my Wedding Sampler. I should have a finish and a Wedding Sampler update for you all next month, which is only 1 day away! Happy stitching!


9 thoughts on “Heaven and Earth Designs Chart Collection and Haul

  1. jennxtitch says:

    These patterns are so pretty. They remind me a lot of a Disney collection I spotted on Amazon a while ago.

    The Butterfly Ball piece in particular is so striking. How do you achieve the glowing light effect – surely a glistening silver skein or something similar?


    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the Heaven & Earth dragon! I considered buying a chart with him on it a few weeks ago(it was one with the dragon plus books, butr a different one to the one shown here), but decided I can’t afford to buy any more charts/kits til after Christmas… too many gifts to buy!

    Liked by 1 person

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