Heaven and Earth Designs Haul and Rotation Rethink

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and for those who celebrated, a lovely thanksgiving holiday!

Heaven and Earth Designs had a 50% off sale on their charts over the weekend (and I believe it continues till Monday 1st December). I managed to pick out a few designs from my wishlist to buy…so here goes:

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Thread Organisation

I haven’t done much actual stitching this weekend yet, but I have spent it organising my threads. My DMC collection, plus a small amount of leftover Dimensions and specialty threads, are now on bobbins:

Floss Storage

I have a decent amount of the DMC colours now, but no where near the whole set. I find that the bobbins are the best way for me to organise my threads as they are easily accessible and are easy to transfer to a project box. Previous systems I have tried are keeping the floss in zip lock bags and stitch bows. Stitch bows worked for a while, but now I’m getting into larger, more complex designs with over 80 colours, I needed something different.

That’s all for now, hopefully I will have a finish to show you in the next day or so! I would also love to hear about how other stitchers organised their floss collections.