New Start: HAED Parliament of Owls

On the 1st December 2014, I began the Heaven and Earth Design Parliament of Owls by Scott Gustafson.

Owl Pattern

This design has 28 pages of chart and has 91 colours all up. I am stitching it on 25 count evenweave, 1 strand of floss over 1 thread of fabric, starting in the top left corner on Page 1. This is also my first project to use the parking method properly and so far I am finding it very easy. This has also helped to minimise some errors. Although when first starting this project I had to re-stitch the first 20 stitches or so as I had done them in the wrong colour. Hope it is smoother sailing now I have some progress made. Here are my materials ready to go:

Thread and Fabric

As you can see, I have chosen bobbins and a bobbin box to store the thread/floss for this project.

Fabric Prepared

Here are the progress pictures so far with dates. As you can see I am a relatively slow stitcher, mostly because I work full time and have other hobbies as well as stitching.

1st December 2014

1 December 1 December Pic 2

7th December 2014

7 December

11th December 2014

11 December

The picture above is rather special because this is what 1% of the project looks like. Just 99% to go! I am aiming to finish the page this month but that will depend on how much confetti there is. By the looks of the chart I should start seeing the face of one of the owls soon!

Happy Stitching 😀


9 thoughts on “New Start: HAED Parliament of Owls

  1. Hi!
    And such is the experience of sewing with parking method ?? I see it very difficult to perform with both wire hanging fabric.

    Soon I want to start a project with such a method and do not dare because I see a lot of complexity.

    What advice?

    hugs and kisses from Spain

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  2. What a fabulous design! I haven’t seen this HAED pattern before. Like you I find parking means I make less mistakes. Thank you for linking your blog on my YouTube video so I can find your blog. Have a lovely Xmas

    Liked by 1 person

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