Tutorials and Helpful Links: Parking

A few people are interested in the technique of ‘parking’. This is a useful technique for working on large projects with full coverage. It involves leaving your thread in tact at the corner of the next stitch of that colour. I am relatively new to the technique myself and haven’t quite worked out my favourite way of employing it. However, I have put together a few videos and pages I found helpful when wrapping my head around parking:

The two YouTube videos I found most useful can be found here:

There are also some written descriptions of the technique I came across during my research and they can be found here:

Scarlet Quince – Scarlet Quince also have some lovely charts and other tutorials on their website I have found useful from time to time.

Crafty Writer – This blogger does a wonderful parking guide.

Advanced Cross Stitch – Another way of parking is demonstrated in this one.

I believe that the key to learning parking (if you want to) is finding lots of varied tutorials and coming up with the way it works for you.

Please comment if you have any other tutorials that you have found helpful for any technique in cross-stitching!


5 thoughts on “Tutorials and Helpful Links: Parking

      • Well, if you have an troubles. Ask… I think I park every which way. I’m doing continental tent stitch on my latest project, so can’t even follow my own tutorial for this technique. I’m doing it in 10×10 blocks though… I cross the line though when there is a bunch of stitches attached. That way you can’t see the lines down from the back and it really isn’t as messy as people assume it would be using parking.


  1. I have to say that, as someone whose currently figuring out parking herself, I totally agree with coming up with a way that works for you. I work on one column at a time that consist of a row of 10. I also do one row at at time and don’t stray as I park. It’s what works for me ^_^. It’s whatever you feel comfortable with! Great post on the “secretive” method of parking!

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