Stitching Plans for 2015

Welcome to the post-Christmas, pre-new year lull! My husband is working night shift at the moment, so that gives me an excuse to not do much in the mornings because I don’t want to disturb him while he is sleeping. This has meant that this morning I have been reading blogs, doing a little stitching, a little blogging of my own and playing my digital piano.

It is that time of the year so I thought I would update you all on my cross-stitching plans for 2015.

I have 3 main projects planned for the first half of the year. Those are:

1. Parliament of Owls – stitched on 25 count parchment coloured Permin Linen, 1 over 1.

Owl Pattern

2. Custom Wedding Sampler – stitched on 28 count parchment coloured zweigart linen, 2 over 2.

Completed Picture

3. Die Walkur – stitched on 25 count white Lugana, 1 over 1. I will be starting this project on New Year’s Day!

Storykeeper Diewalkur

I also have another project planned for towards the middle of the year, but as it is a gift I won’t provide any details until it is all completed and the person has it! It isn’t a very large project, but it is one that will require some different skills from me and should be very fun and interesting to complete.

I plan on continuing with the month-about rotation. This is how it looks so far:

January – Die Walkur

February – Parliament of Owls

March – Die Walkur

April – Custom Wedding Sampler

May – Secret Project and Die Walkur

June – Parliament of Owls

I will let you all know how I get on throughout the year and I look forward to seeing all your projects! I would love to know if you plan out what you’d like to stitch in the new year or if you have a more organic process or no process at all 🙂 I wish all of you good luck with your crafty ambitions for 2015 and wish you many uninterrupted stitching sessions.


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