WIP Update: Die Walkur: January 2015

I started this project on 1st January this year and you can see the original post here.

I stitched fairly regularly on this project in the first 3 weeks of this month until I started a new project (no details yet, as it is a gift for a family member).

Here is my progress as of the 4th January (this was before I started back at work, so I feel like I did more!)

Progress 4 Jan 2015

And, here is my progress at the end of the month!


After I complete my secret project, I will be spending February on my Custom Wedding Sampler. I had planned on switching back to Parliament of Owls, but the sampler is calling me, so off I go!

Happy Stitching and may the frogs remain absent!


7 thoughts on “WIP Update: Die Walkur: January 2015

  1. that advanced you take! I have already implemented the parking method, and I like it progresses much faster. my question is when you start you put all the colors that are in the first row or adding you as they appear in the pattern? kisses


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