February WIP Update: Anniversary Project

So, my plans for February were to work on my Custom Wedding Sampler WIP, however, that plan went out the window really quickly! I started a little project for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.

I believe that 60 years together is a really special occasion and as such deserved some of my stitching. Plus, I love doing projects for family. I sort of made up this design by taking ideas from the internet and bits and pieces of patterns from cross-stitching magazines or books I own.

I started with a verse.



I added the heart myself. I then had to figure out how to add the details and I really wanted a rose in the design somewhere. So I added one!



I loved the simplicity of the rose, but at the same time it was pretty and actually looked like one. Then I added the details.



My apologies for the bluriness of that photo as I was relying on my phone rather than my camera. I finally added a border to finish it off and then framed it.



Unfortunately I couldn’t deliver it in person, but my brother delivered it for me and it is now hanging in my grandparents house.

So, a big congratulations to them for their 60th wedding anniversary, I hope that in about 59 years time I am celebrating my own 60th anniversary!


7 thoughts on “February WIP Update: Anniversary Project

  1. What a beautiful piece! You did a fantastic job. I love that saying. It reminds me of a movie, “A Walk To Remember”, one of my very favorites. Happy Anniversary to your Grandparents. 60 year is a great accomplishment.

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