Board Game Review: Black Fleet

For Easter this year, my husband and I bought some new board games instead of chocolate. One of them was Black Fleet.

Black Fleet

Black Fleet is an easy to play card based tactical game. Each player must move their Navy, Pirate and Merchant ships around the board, stealing, burying or delivering goods to earn dubloons. The first player to purchase all the goods (including the governor’s daughter) is the winner!

The first thing that struck me with this game, is its design. The board is bright and colourful and the pieces are well crafted. The dubloons are actual metal coins!

Here is the board all set up ready to play


Here are some close-ups of the pieces.


This is one of the two Navy ships in the game. These ships can sink pirates and earn dubloons for their player. The colour Navy ship a player can move is determined by the colour on their movement card. This means that one turn you could be in control of the yellow Navy ship, the next, in control of the purple!


One of the merchant ships all loaded up with goods to deliver to the next port. The small wooden cubes fit perfectly into the design of the ship. The small details in this game make it a pleasure to play. Plus, who doesn’t like pirates?!


A horde of silver dubloons, there are also some gold dubloons which are worth five of the silver. The fact these are actually metal really adds to the pirate-y feel of the game. I can’t wait to get this one out at a board games night to have all four sets of ships roaming around the board.


Another example of the small details, these are the goods you must buy to win the game. You cannot buy the last one until the others (5, 8, 11, 14) have been purchased, though you can purchase those in any order. When placed like this the pictures create a small scene as each card joins to the next. Each card has a special ability underneath (except the final card).


Some of these special abilities grant your mechant extra movement spaces each turn, give you more dubloons when your pirate attacks. You won’t know what special abilities are on the cards until you purchase them with your dubloons and turn them over.

Overall, this is a very easy game to learn and enjoyable to play. It is tactical and strategic, but not seriously so. This is now one of my favourites and I will certainly be getting it out at the next games night I attend!

Till next time, hope all your games are good ones and let me know if you have a favouite game you think I should check out!


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