May WIP Update: Storytime Sampler, A Good Marriage & Squirtle

After StitchMaynia ended I worked on any of the pieces that called to me. The first that called was the Storytime Sampler by the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. To break up stitching the frames, I stitched a little on Lizzie Kate’s A Good Marriage and Squirtle. 

WIP – Storytime Sampler

As a reminder, this piece is being stitched on 32 count Lugana in Dark Fantasy by Colour Cascade Fabrics. Here are the progress of the frames, I decided to do this first and then fill in the frames later. 





Finally I have all 12 frames and the banner has now been finished. 


WIP – Squirtle

He is finished! He isn’t as neat as I would like. However, as this is the first time I’m stitching on an Afghan I still think he looks pretty cute.


WIP – Lizzie Kate – A Good Marriage

This project is coming along quickly for the small amount of time I spent stitching on it. I am getting frustrated with the floss though. The Crescent Colours floss I am using seems to knot quite easily. In future, I will try and prevent this by cutting smaller strands to use.


Plans for June

I plan to fill in two of the frames for the Storytime Sampler and then spend time on my WIP – Custom Wedding Sampler. We will see which projects call to me. After all, stitching is for fun!


9 thoughts on “May WIP Update: Storytime Sampler, A Good Marriage & Squirtle

  1. Your storytime sampler is looking fantastic. I am really looking forward to seeing the frames being filled in. I also have the Lizzie Kate a Good Marriage somewhere half finished. I may have to dig it out and carry on with it. I also love squirtle. He was one of my favourite pokemon.

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