June WIP Update: Storytime Sampler, Custom Wedding Sampler & Bulbasaur

Another month has gone and it is time for my June WIP update! This month I worked on the Storytime Sampler, my Custom Wedding Sampler and a pokemon called Bulbasaur.

Storytime Sampler

This month I filled in 2 frames on this project, Alice in Wonderland and the Secret Garden.

wpid-20150601_211217.jpg wpid-20150603_203714.jpg wpid-img_20150603_210951.jpg wpid-20150604_200528.jpg wpid-20150604_222052.jpg

wpid-20150605_231033.jpg wpid-20150609_210539.jpg wpid-20150614_114616.jpg


This little guy was the second pokemon stitched on an Afghan blanket, it was fun to stitch the one.


Custom Wedding Sampler

After I had completed the Storytime frames and Bulbasaur, I worked on my custom wedding sampler.

wpid-20150626_200441.jpg wpid-20150627_211208.jpg wpid-20150628_113252.jpg


I made some decent progress on this one over the last few weeks which was pleasing.

July Stitching Plans

This month I am going to repeat stitching 2 frames of the Storytime Sampler and another pokemon on my Afghan blanket. After I complete these, I plan to work on the Lizzie Kate,  ‘A Good Marriage’ WIP, which is a gift.

Until next time, may you all have lots of stitching time and you don’t get knots in your thread!


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