July 2015 WIP Update: Storytime Sampler, Die Walkur, Schrodinger’s Cat and Pretty Little London.

Hello fellow stitchers! Another month has flown by and it is time for my July WIP update. I actually have a finish too!

I started the month by filling in two frames on the Storytime Sampler by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, you can see updates here, for June and here, for May. Just to remind people, it is stitched on 32 count Lugana in Dark Fantasy by Colour Cascade Fabrics.

I started with the Sherlock Holmes frame

wpid-20150701_195842.jpg wpid-20150701_204104.jpg wpid-20150701_213718.jpg wpid-20150702_183739.jpg wpid-20150702_210752.jpg wpid-20150702_214245.jpg

Isn’t he just so cute! I then moved onto the Wizard of Oz frame

wpid-20150702_230153.jpg wpid-20150706_144535.jpg wpid-20150706_155202.jpg wpid-20150706_163146.jpg wpid-20150706_180205.jpg wpid-20150710_213541.jpg wpid-20150711_101332.jpg wpid-20150711_112527.jpg wpid-20150711_114327.jpg wpid-20150711_123749.jpg

After I finished these two frames, I moved onto my Heaven and Earth Designs Storykeep Die Walkur, you can see previous progress on this project here.

wpid-20150714_004138.jpg wpid-20150717_233317.jpg wpid-20150717_233338.jpg

This one is coming along slowly and I definitely would like to spend some more time with my HAEDs soon. Once I have a few more finishes I can just focus on these larger projects. For some reason this month I was really drawn to work on some of my simpler projects, so I switched and worked on my Schrodinger’s Cat by Cloud’s Factory…and finished it!

wpid-img_20150724_205657.jpg wpid-20150725_210736.jpg wpid-20150726_001029.jpg wpid-20150726_232929.jpg

It was a really cute stitch and I frogged a surprisingly large amount! I think because I thought it was simple I didn’t count twice and stitch once like I usually do. After I finished this one I started working on Pretty Little London by Satsuma Street.


This is the beginnings of London Bridge, I love the colours in this design.

Plans for August

My plans for August are to stitch another two frames on Storytime Sampler as usual and then stitch on my brother’s wedding gift, I only have about 4 months to get it done! Then one of my Heaven and Earth Designs projects or my Custom Wedding Sampler.

Hope you enjoyed my progress this month, hope you are all having a wonderful start to August 2015, so see you next time and until then, happy stitching!


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