Book Review: Born Bad by James Boyce

I purchased this book from my local bookstore because it looked interesting, again, to no ones surprise it is historical. The book is Born Bad by James Boyce.

Born Bad

Boyce explores the historical and religious philosophies regarding the concept of original sin and how those concepts have influenced the modern western world. He provides a succinct history of thought about original sin in the middle ages in the first half of the book and in the second explores that influence on people like Darwin, Freud and Dawkins. It was an interesting book and very thought provoking, but I also found it dry in places. I would not recommend this book for people who are interested in an easy read. I had my dictionary out once or twice to look up words I wasn’t quite sure of. I think I enjoyed the material of The Sick Child in Early Modern England, 1580-1720 by Hannah Newton a little more than this one.

I enjoyed reading this book but probably won’t explore this particular topic again in the near future. If I was handing out ratings, I would give it a respectable 3.5/5.


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