August 2015 WIP Update: Storytime Sampler & A Good Marriage

August has finally come to a close and here in Australia it is starting to look a little like spring again. Sometimes this makes me want to stitch more, in a sunny spot usually, but sometimes my stitching time is limited because I take advantage of the good weather. In August I completed two more frames on the Storytime Sampler. To view previous WIP updates follow the links:








Storytime Sampler

Just to remind you all, it is stitched on 32 count Lugana in Dark Fantasy by Colour Cascade Fabrics. This month I started with the Charlotte’s Web frame. I remember reading this book in primary school.

wpid-20150801_231615.jpg wpid-20150802_155944.jpg wpid-20150802_175043.jpg wpid-20150804_190540.jpg wpid-20150804_204503.jpg wpid-20150804_222623.jpg wpid-20150807_080721.jpg wpid-20150807_101350.jpg wpid-20150807_100350.jpg wpid-20150807_095452.jpg wpid-20150807_093520.jpg wpid-20150807_102253.jpg wpid-20150807_103750.jpg wpid-20150807_104259.jpg wpid-img_20150807_105356.jpg

Then I moved on to the Peter Pan frame. This one was pretty fun because I love the pirate sail.

wpid-20150807_124321.jpg wpid-20150807_134117.jpg wpid-20150810_145924.jpg wpid-20150810_142820.jpg wpid-20150808_112953.jpg wpid-20150808_080314.jpg wpid-20150810_173902.jpg wpid-20150810_175604.jpg wpid-20150810_181618.jpg

I am now halfway completed the Storytime Sampler and I am almost caught up to everyone else!


A Good Marriage

This is stitched on Stitches and Spice ‘Sandstorm’, also a 32 count Lugana. Lugana is my favourite fabric at the moment. It stitches up beautifully. I made a bit of progress on this project and as it has a deadline of the 4th January 2016, I’m sure you’ll all be seeing it in a few more WIP updates for this year!

wpid-20150811_224822.jpg wpid-20150825_201539.jpg wpid-img_20150825_221902.jpg

Plans for September

I plan to get caught up on Storytime Sampler this month, which will mean stitching 3 frames, Lady of Shallot, Phantom of the Opera and Black Beauty. I also plan to work a little on ‘A Good Marriage’ project and see if I can’t get that closer to completion. I also need to update my finishes list and other various blog things.

Until next time, may all your needles be easy to thread!


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