December 2015 WIP Update: Storytime Sampler, Pikachu and Custom Wedding Sampler.

The final WIP update for 2015! I haven’t done as much stitching this month as I have previously. The festive season tends to get in the way and I have been practicing my piano more often as well. However, I still have 2 finishes for the month!

Storytime Sampler – Finish!

The last month of Storytime Sampler was, as I suspected, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It was a fun frame to stitch and I love the overall look of the finish.

And here it is all finished!


Custom Wedding Sampler

I just started on the top scroll and my husband’s name. Not a great deal of progress and I think the scrolls will be rather dull to stitch but it will be worth it as it will look wonderful.



I switched to Pikachu after the wedding sampler as I wanted something a bit more colourful and simpler to stitch. He isn’t centered very well on the square, but that’s okay. This blanket is a bit of a test.


Well, I will also be posting my 2016 stitching plans soon and I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I also need to do a review of my 40 before 30, as my goals have changed a little. Some I’ll keep, some are now, unrealistic. I have loved looking at all your December WIPs and Christmas projects, keep them coming as I’m getting some lovely ideas for next year!



4 thoughts on “December 2015 WIP Update: Storytime Sampler, Pikachu and Custom Wedding Sampler.

  1. Xstitchbee says:

    Your story time sampler looks great!! What are you going to do with it now you’ve finished it? I’m hoping to stitch the 2016 sal from them next year ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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