January 2016 WIP Update: Pokemon and Pumpkin Passport

What can I say? January has vanished into thin air. It was a busy month, organising my sister’s baby shower, attending my brother’s wedding and our last minute travel preparations. However, I did manage to work on the projects I wanted too.

Pokemon – Ghastly & Oddish

Both Ghastly and Oddish were finished this month. They both took a bit longer than I anticipated, but they look really cute.




Pumpkin Passport

I managed to complete some of the wording on this one. I still have a long way to go to catch up, so I think my 2016 plans were a bit ambitious for the first few months. I was a bit too busy to really focus on stitching. This project is being stitched on 32-count Lugana in Underground King by Colour Cascade Fabrics (if you haven’t checked her out, please do so!)

The camera isn’t very good at capturing the colour of the fabric. It is a deep-ish purple colour. Hopefully I’ll catch up on this one by the end of March.


February Plans

Travel – I will be away from this weekend until mid-March 2016. I will be travelling in Germany and Austria! I will see you all when I get back! I hope you all have a wonderful February and I look forward to seeing your WIPs 😀


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