Germany and Austria 2016: Part 2 – Bamberg, Nuremberg and Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber

To read my previous post on Part 1 of our trip, visit here. This will be about our visits to Bamberg, Nuremberg and Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber.

After Berlin, we left for the town of Bamberg on the train. We missed our connecting train but only had to wait 45 minutes for the next one so we grabbed a hot chocolate from a café. Because no trip is without something slightly annoying happening, the handle on my suitcase shattered as we were heading to the hotel. So one of our first errands in Bamberg was to find a new suitcase. It was pretty easy and I grabbed a nice lightweight bag. It was slightly bigger than my previous one, so more room for souvenirs!

Bamberg was a lovely town to take a wander around, so we spent our only full day their walking around and getting lost in the back streets. For lunch we walked up the hill to Greifenklau Brauerei and the food was definitely worth it. We had great weather the whole time, although on our way to the train station the next day it snowed. It made the views from the train idyllic.

Nuremberg was next on our list to visit. We stayed in the old town and I love the cobblestone streets. The reason we visited Nuremberg was mainly historical and our first full day was walking around to the old Nazi Party rally grounds and the museum nearby. The museum was focused on general history and the grounds. It was interesting to see some of the places we have studied up close. My main interest in Nuremberg, however, was Courtroom 600, where the trials were held after the end of World War 2. We were lucky and the courtroom wasn’t in use. The museum above the courtroom was really well laid out and provided fascinating insights into the running of the trials.

To get to Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber we had to take 3 trains but it was worth it. The town is absolutely gorgeous and we made it in time to go to the medieval crime and punishment museum. The town is also full of Teddy Bear and Christmas stores. We sampled the local pastry called Schneeballs, they were deep-fried pastry and covered in icing sugar or syrup. They were incredibly sweet and I would definitely go for the mini version if I had them again.

Rothenburg was picturesque and we got some great views of the town from the old town wall, until I slipped down the stairs on my butt! I wasn’t hurt, although I think I did end up with a tiny bruise on my thigh. The castle grounds were beautiful and the views of the countryside around Rothenburg was amazing.


Next up Freiburg and Munich…


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