Germany and Austria 2016: Part 3 – Freiburg and Munich

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We arrived in Freiburg late afternoon after leaving Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber and only managed a quick walk around the city before heading to dinner. The city looks like any bustling university town, except for the Bächle (like gutters) that run over most of the older parts of town. There is a myth that if you step in the water, you will marry someone from the town! The following day we hiked up the Schlossberg behind the town the weather was drizzly and extremely windy. The view of the town was spectacular though.

I had finished the books I had brought with me, so we went in search of a bookstore. The larger bookstore in town was magnificent and I miss having that kind of bookstore in Australia. This one also had a sizeable English language section, so I was able to pick up a few books. This seems to be a tradition when I travel, I buy books!

One of the main reasons we traveled to Freiburg as it was close by to one of the sections of the Westweg trail that goes through the Black Forest. We completed Stage 9 of the Westweg: Titisee to Barental. We caught the train to Titisee and were greeted with snow covered grounds, as it had obviously snowed overnight, but the sun was shining and the temperature was lovely. The hike started off following the shore of the lake for about 3km. The trail was not overly taxing as there are no steep ascents or descents. The snow covered landscape provided for an incredibly picturesque hike. Once we reached Barental (Germany’s highest train station) we caught the train back to Freiburg and grabbed some dinner.

One of the things I was grateful for was our Eurail pass! We purchased the first class pass and it was fantastic. We were able to grab first class seats on most trains and had a little more room for our luggage. Munich was our last stop in Germany before we traveled into Austria.

The first full day we had, we spent walking around the English Gardens and seeing the town. A sort of river runs through the gardens and as we went to exit, we saw people surfing on the storm water duct as it sent water into the little river from the melting snow. That was certainly the most interesting place I have seen people surf! During our stay in Munich we checked out the Paulaner Brewery and the Hofbrauhaus. Both had incredibly delicious food and my husband said the beer was great. I stuck with a cocktail as beer isn’t really my taste.

One of the days we decided to take a tour of Lindehof and Neuschwanstein castles. Lindehof reminded me of a tiny version of Versailles Palace. Neuschwanstein lived up to its reputation as the ‘Disney’ castle. It was situated in snow covered mountains and just looked incredibly beautiful. Inside was also really interesting. The tour also allowed us to have a look at the countryside.


Next up, Salzburg and Graz….


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