Germany and Austria 2016: Part 4 – Salzburg and Graz

To read my previous posts on our trip, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

We left Munich on the train and crossed the border into Austria. Salzburg was absolutely beautiful as we walked around and took in the front of Mozart’s birth house, the music shops, book stores and cafes. We stayed at a converted Priest Seminary and the room was very comfortable. We also had access to a laundry room and kitchen. It was nice to be able to wash some clothes properly. They had an excellent breakfast and had some delicious homemade jams.

The first full day we had in Salzburg was spent in the two Mozart houses. Both the birth house and the house where the family lived were interesting and I learned a few things I didn’t know already. It was a nice day so we hiked up to the fortress, although we didn’t go inside. On the way down we came across the Nonnberg Abbey where the real Maria Von Trapp was a novice and they used some of the exterior of the Abbey in the movie ‘Sound of Music’.

One of the days in Salzburg was spent on a ‘Sound of Music’ tour, including a visit to Halstatt. The tour was fantastic, seeing the places where they filmed, where the real Von Trapps lived and bits of gossip about the filming. Halstatt was also incredibly beautiful and we saw lots of the countryside as we drove around.

We could have spent a little longer in Salzburg as it was so lovely but headed to Graz on the train. The hotel in Graz was very comfortable and close to the old part of the city. By the time we arrived in Graz, we only had a little time to explore before getting some dinner. We actually decided to eat at the hotel and it was delicious, apparently we were lucky to get a table as the locals generally fill up the restaurant every night. We ended up eating here another night as well, just to try different things from the menu!

One of the things I loved about Graz was its book store. Both my husband and I love books and book stores. I generally love exploring the bookstores in Europe as they are large and have a huge range of books. This one even included a sheet music section, which was almost as large as some of the music stores here in Canberra and definitely a wider selection than most would have here. As we had done for most of the towns on our trip, we hiked up to the top of the Schlossberg nearby and the view was fantastic. It was really cool to see the spots of modern architecture, like the modern art museum, in among older buildings.

This part of our trip was very relaxing as we spent most of our time, walking along the river, wandering around shops, eating at cafes and looking around the city. It was a bit sad to pack up our things again and head off to our final destination for the trip, Vienna. Here are some photos from this part of our trip.



5 thoughts on “Germany and Austria 2016: Part 4 – Salzburg and Graz

  1. It’s lovely to read about your trip to Vienna and Salzburg because it brings back so many fond memories of my own time there 🙂 I did the Sound of Music + Hallstatt tour too and it was wonderful! I literally had tears in my eyes on the drive back because I couldn’t believe how blissfully happy I was 🙂

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