Germany and Austria 2016: Part 5 – Vienna

To read my previous posts on our trip, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Onto our final destination! The train between Vienna and Graz was amazing as we ended up with a first class carriage all to ourselves. Once we were in Vienna, we quickly stashed out luggage in the lockers at the train station and went straight to a performance of the Vienna Riding School. The horses were absolutely gorgeous and the show was really interesting. The people standing in front of us looked unimpressed as they were reprimanded for taking photos during the performance which was prohibited. I noticed so many sheet music stores around Vienna and was looking forward to checking them out.

As we caught the train out to the cemetery, it started to rain and by the time we got there it was pouring. That didn’t deter us though and we went and paid our respects to memorials for Mozart, Strauss, Haydn and Beethoven. Both my husband and I appreciate classical music and I can play some very rudimentary pieces on the piano, only for my own enjoyment. After we went back to the hotel room and changed out of our wet things we wandered around and came across the Sound Museum. It was a really fun experience and I really recommend going! We heard what a baby can hear when they are in utero, there was a piano staircase and various other interactive exhibits. Also, of all the sheet music to buy in Vienna, I bought an Easy Piano collection of Harry Potter Movie themes and a Disney book for my clarinet. I suppose that is the one thing about music. It does not matter I bought it in a German speaking country as the stave and notes are universal.

Schonbrunn Palace was next on our agenda and we spent a lovely day exploring the palace and its grounds. The café also serves an excellent strudel! We could have spent a little longer exploring the grounds, but we travelled back to the city to prepare for our dinner and concert that evening. The dinner was excellent and was the perfect amount for three courses. We felt full but not uncomfortably so. The Chamber Orchestra performed some well-known pieces by Strauss and Mozart and the Arias were performed admirably. There were some ballet dancers as well, but the stage was probably a little too small to allow them the proper amount of room to dance properly.

Our last full day arrived and we just spent the day taking in the city, I managed to acquire more sheet music (Harry Potter Clarinet this time, I am a HP tragic). We also visited the Crypt where members of the Austrian royal family are buried. We also took the opportunity to take in the National Library. Their reading room would have to be one of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen. Book nerds, this is a must see!

We actually had pleasant flights home, as pleasant as long haul flights are in economy. Here are some photos from our time in Vienna.


Stay tuned for a stitching update! I have been doing a small amount of stitching, so the next update will include March and April 🙂


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