1st Trimester Recap – Weeks 1-15…the reason for no stitching updates!

*Please note: This post includes discussion of my pregnancy, including ultrasound photo*

At the moment, I am 20 weeks pregnant and definitely already into the Second Trimester, leaving behind the fatigue filled first one. This post will recap my experience with the first trimester, beginning of the second and a little bit on my pre-conception check-ups.

An issue for me, before we started trying to conceive was my Hypertension medication. The medication I was on can have catastrophic consequences for a developing baby, especially in terms of kidney development. This required extra appointments to switch my blood pressure medications to those safe for pregnancy. It took a total of 6 weeks to switch the medications and get the right dose for the new one. Around this point in time, I also started taking a prenatal vitamin and some extra vitamin D.

I stopped taking my pill late October 2015 but I was not particularly hopeful I would fall pregnant quickly. I had been on the pill for 10 years and I had read it could take up to 6 months or longer for my body to readjust. In the meantime we were focusing on our overseas holiday to Germany and Austria, which you can read about here.

After we returned from an overseas trip, I was jetlagged and not feeling great. I had been a little sick on the flights home, which seems obvious now, as I had never had an issue with air travel before. Originally I had figured it was something I had eaten or a particularly bumpy flight. After these feelings hung around for a week, I decided to test so I could see the negative and indulge in some work drinks on a Friday afternoon. I was definitely expecting it to be negative, I even left the bathroom and went and folded clothes! When I remembered that I should have checked the test, it was way past the time limit they set. But it had 2 lines….2 definite lines, not a faint second line or one that only appears in a certain light.


I panicked, was I imagining things? Was it too far past the time limit? Was it a bad batch? Was it a false positive?

I showed my husband, but qualified it, I said I hadn’t checked it within the time limit, but it looked too dark to be an evap line. He didn’t seem as shocked as me. He was convinced much quicker than I was. I was still trying to process the meaning of the result! The next morning I took a First Response test that I had in the house and it immediately showed two lines. There was no second guessing the meaning of the result!


I had to wait over the weekend for a doctor’s appointment so I took a Clearblue Digital and it flashed up with ‘pregnant’ and ‘2-3 weeks’.


At my appointment, my doctor ordered a blood test to confirm that I was in fact pregnant and a few days later it came back with a good level of HCG and we let our parents know. At that stage I was about 5 weeks and not feeling too bad, mostly just tired, sore breasts and a few cramps here and there.

My doctor said that I was going well and didn’t need an ultrasound before 12 weeks, so she gave me a referral to my OBGYN and said she’d see me after the blood screen and NT ultrasound to discuss the results.

The wait for the scan was difficult and at times felt incredibly slow. I was definitely nervous that I didn’t feel sicker, didn’t ‘feel’ pregnant or that we’d get to the scan and see nothing.

Weeks 5-9 were mostly filled with random symptoms that came and went day to day. Sore breasts were pretty consistent, nausea was only on occasion and usually after I ate, digestive issues and food aversions. However, the biggest symptom I had was fatigue. Work some days was almost impossible, falling asleep at my desk or staring blankly at my screen when I am trying to read something, is not really my usual work state. This was compounded by the fact I had started a new team and was also trying to learn a lot of new things. My brain felt in constant ‘meltdown’ mode. I credit my husband with a lot of patience during these weeks, picking up extra housework when I was asleep at 7pm some evenings.

Weeks 10-13 were spent in anticipation of the scan and the symptoms continued, although the nausea mostly disappeared. Heartburn started up, especially if I overate. One of the best moments of week 10 was hearing the heartbeat on the Doppler for the first time. It was the sweetest sound!

The scan was on a Monday afternoon and the day at work seemed to drag, yet almost sped by. All of a sudden I was laying on a bed with a full bladder and the tech getting the wand ready, and then….the best sight I have ever seen. A small, wriggling baby on the screen, a strong steady heartbeat. It was surreal and I could not take my eyes off the screen. The tech had a little trouble getting the measurements she needed as the baby was wriggling around and seemed a little annoyed he/she had been woken up. Once it was all done, I was given a CD with the pictures and told that my report would be at my OBGYN in a few days.

Blog Picture 12 weeks.png

My next appointment just after I was 12 weeks was at the OBGYN. Unfortunately, my report and ultrasound were not at the office. I discussed my medical history and pregnancy symptoms with the midwife and she went through my results of my pre-pregnancy blood screening. After this, I saw the OBGYN, she is same one who performed my hysteroscopy last year, which you can read about here. She was happy to see me back as an obstetric patient this time and quickly went through my history again, gave me referrals for my 20 week morphology scan and 24 week cardiac views. At the end of the appointment she also scanned me and I got to see the baby wriggling around again.

The rest of week 12 and 13 were relatively miserable as I managed to contract the cold that was going around at work and being unable to take anything much, I stayed at home and slept. Week 14 was good because I no longer had the cold. I did have increasing heartburn and reflux, but the fatigue started to dissipate and I started craving fruit, which was a nice change from the carbs!

We had another OBGYN appointment in week 15 and received our NT screening results for genetic issues, but I’ll throw those into my second trimester recap.

I also lost my stitchy bug throughout this trimester as I was so fatigued. I had attempted the HAED challenge, but as you probably saw, my May recap was non-existent as I didn’t actually stitch! My June recap is also missing, as I did not stitch much that month either. Hopefully I will have a July stitching update for you. I want to stitch some things for the baby so I will have to get my needle moving.

Hugs and love to all the couples struggling to conceive at the moment. I hope you all get what you hope for ❤


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