Second Trimester Recap: Part 1: Weeks 15-21

*Please note: This post includes discussion of my pregnancy, including ultrasound photos*

First Trimester Recap – Here.

So into the next trimester! Week 15, we had our follow up appointment and got the results of our Nuchal Translucency Screening. Baby was low risk for all the major trisomy conditions. The OB went through our hospital admission paperwork and said we should have another appointment after our morphology scan. Symptoms continued on from the first trimester, a bit of fatigue, some heartburn and indigestion.

Those symptoms continued for weeks 16-19 as well. I also needed to switch to maternity pants and jeans as I could no longer fit in my current ones. They are a tiny bit big but I figure I will grow into them soon enough! I was incredibly nervous leading up to the morphology scan as I knew that this was one of the most important ones. I kept panicking about what might be wrong with baby, but it was also one of the instances I realised just how much we love baby already! We discussed it and decided to find out the gender at the scan if we could. Neither my husband nor I had a preference but wanted to know. It was also a really great surprise to mark the halfway point in the pregnancy.

I went to Canberra Fetal Assessment Centre and the ultrasound technician we had was amazing. She put me at ease by checking baby’s heartbeat first and then checked all the major things, heart, brain and kidneys. It made the latter half of the scan rather enjoyable as I was relaxed after knowing all major organs were perfectly normal. Once she was done with all the morphology scan checking, she tried to check the gender for us. Baby had a foot in the way as it was trying to play with it. She had me cough and move around a bit and we were able to see that baby is a BOY!

We got a cd with images from the scan on it and it is so amazing to see. You can see his little hands and feet, all the individual vertebrae in his spine and the distinct hemispheres of his brain. It was really fascinating to see everything and it was very surreal that all that development is going on while I’m just doing my usual routines.

*How cool does the spinal picture look! So amazed at the development since our last scan*

Unfortunately the following week, I picked up a bug that had been going around work and for the first time this pregnancy I actually threw up! Thank goodness my desk was relatively close to the bathroom and I made with literally milliseconds to spare. I sent myself home to rest and, after a shower, had a 3 hour nap! Thankfully, that Wednesday I had an appointment with my OBGYN to talk about the morphology scan. She wasn’t overly concerned about the virus as I had remained hydrated and was recovering pretty well. The morphology scan results were perfect and there wasn’t much else to discuss! We had a look at baby and he was wriggling all over the place, he is active anytime we have a scan which is really lovely to see.

Week 20 felt like an actual milestone and I am starting to actually look pregnant rather than just like I ate a big lunch. I am finding it harder to get comfortable to go to sleep, but will get a little extra pillow to help. I am also starting to feel our little boy moving around now. The night of our OB appointment I felt a distinct kick when my husband and I were talking. Week 21 was filled with increasing movements and a definite tightness to some of my clothes. On the Friday, I was concerned that he hadn’t been moving very much, so I got out my Doppler. Of course I found his heartbeat straight away and for good measure he kicked the Doppler to let me know he was okay. The heartburn also increased and I have actually had to break out the quick-eze lozenges to help.

So far so good for my blood pressure as well and I am feeling really grateful that I’ve been able to enjoy this pregnancy a lot. Hopefully I will have a stitching update for you all at the end of July and another 2nd Trimester update once I’ve crossed over into the 3rd.


10 thoughts on “Second Trimester Recap: Part 1: Weeks 15-21

  1. I am so happy that baby is doing so well and growing just as he should! And that the virus wasn’t anything to be concerned about.
    And congrats on having a little boy, I may be biased but I think baby boys are pretty amazing!!
    And I love that spinal cord photo. So amazing!

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