Second Trimester Recap: Part 2: Weeks 22-27

See Part 1 of Trimester 2 here and my 1st Trimester recap here.

The latter half of the second trimester kicked off with a midwife appointment for my blood pressure. I had a good reading and gave the midwife my compiled readings from home.

Bit of a side note – Ever since being investigated for hypertension back in 2013, I have had a little machine at home. I purchased a Priceline brand one as it was pretty cheap at the time and that little machine is still going strong. I think I’ve replaced the batteries once and it has gotten a workout over the years! It will get a workout for the rest of my pregnancy now as it is the easiest way to keep track of my measurements at home. Pharmacy staff will also generally take your blood pressure for free if you need to keep an eye on your measurement.

Overall, sleep has been mixed so far, although I think it has more to do with a combination of learning to sleep on my side and some muscle soreness in my shoulder, which thankfully is controlled with some yoga. After sorting our my shoulder, my sleep improved, I still haven’t gotten a pregnancy pillow though.

We got to see our baby boy again as we had our cardiac views scan. This scan takes a closer look at the baby’s heart to see if there are any issues. Our baby had no issues and we were lucky enough to have the same ultrasound technician as our morphology scan. She makes me feel very comfortable and is professional but also warm and friendly. She also estimated his weight at 595gms which seems so big compared to where he started!

I have been to a few yoga classes now and I am really glad I started them. It is great for relaxation and for obtaining tips to use during labour. I have also had a few more midwife appointments to monitor my blood pressure, which is being nicely controlled by the medication. She also checked baby with the doppler at one of them which is very reassuring. He currently has his head up by my ribs, which means I get some funny sensations, especially while sitting at my work desk, almost like he is headbutting my ribs telling me to get up and move so he has more space.

I also had my Glucose Tolerance Test, the drink wasn’t bad tasting but there was a lot of it! The last 75mls or so were really hard to drink. The blood test part was pretty straight-forward and I took some stitching to do while I waited. I hadn’t slept well the night before and did have a slight headache. Once I got home I slept for a couple of hours and felt a lot better.

I did notice that towards the end of week 27, the fatigue was increasing, but we also started packing to move house, so there was a lot going on. The fatigue didn’t really interfere too much with my routine, except that I made sure to go to bed early when I could and take naps on the weekend if I felt like it.

We are moving house this month, so I am hoping to get my August WIP update up soon and will hopefully have some more stitching progress for you in September! I will also do a few cloth nappy stash posts once I have unpacked them, we’ll see if I get any reviews or blogs done once baby is actually here!

Till next time!


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