Third Trimester Recap: Weeks 28-37

See Part 1 and 2 of Trimester 2 here and my 1st Trimester recap here.

This entry has taken a while as I have moved house and finished work in the last few months! I am currently almost 38 weeks pregnant, so here is my recap of the third trimester so far.

As I moved into the third trimester, I noticed a more distinct pattern to his movements. He would move quite a lot roughly every three hours and after I ate or drank anything. In between, he would move sporadically, often smaller, less vigorous movements. During week 28, I was given the all clear regarding Gestational Diabetes and had a growth scan. He moved from the 20th percentile to the 35th, which was encouraging and they estimated his weight to be around 1.2kgs. He had moved to a head down position for that scan and has remained in that position since.

During week 29, I noticed reduced movement and called the maternity unit. The midwife was very lovely and reassured me that I should never feel embarrassed or silly for coming in to be checked out. Of course, baby kicked the midwife as she was putting on the CTG monitor and was very active over the whole test.

As a positive, we met the midwife who was teaching our antenatal classes and know where to go for labour, when it happens. Our antenatal classes were held over two evenings and were very informative. We learned a lot about the labouring process and the procedures and policies at my hospital. I am lucky, as my hospital encourages staying active during labour, skin to skin contact and provides a lot of breastfeeding support. I do not really have a ‘birth plan’ as such, most of what is on the example ones I can find have things written on it that are either standard at my hospital or things I had to give consent/non-consent to when I completed my admission forms (Vitamin K shot for baby after birth etc.). At the classes, they also gave us a list of things the hospital provides and things we need to bring. This made packing our hospital bag very easy.

My symptoms have been very minimal, just some heartburn and fatigue. My follow up 32-week growth scan also went really well and baby was measured at about 2kgs, which was lovely and brought him almost up to the 50th percentile. My OBGYN was satisfied with his progress and said we would not need any more growth scans. Which is great, because they are a little pricey, but also a tiny bit disappointing, because it was nice to get an update on how he was measuring.

Work became a bit more difficult around 33 weeks, as I was getting very fatigued in the evenings and would often come home from work and nap for an hour or if I didn’t nap, I would be in bed at 8pm. I managed to keep working until 36 weeks, but I was very glad to be finished. On my first day of maternity leave, I had a 3-hour afternoon nap, despite sleeping over 10 hours the night before!

At 37 weeks, I noticed again that his movements had changed and I mentioned it at my appointment. The OBGYN was happy with my blood pressure measurements (I have been taking it at least every second day since about 12 weeks and bringing them a list of my latest readings) but when she looked at baby with the ultrasound machine, she also thought he was a bit sluggish. He usually hates her using the ultrasound wand and tries to kick it away, but seemed uninterested in it that day. She sent me off to the maternity unit for a CTG, and once again, he was perfectly fine and wriggled constantly whilst on the monitor. They also tested my urine for protein, but that was also fine, so they sent me home. On weekly appointments now, so not sure if I will just update you week by week now I am on leave, or just save it for once he is here!

The only additional symptom from the last few weeks (35-37), is pelvic pain when I walk long distances or up long hills. It is very mild compared to the pain some women get!

His nursery is all but finished now, just needs a few finishing touches, like bookends and my cross-stitch. I am actually getting some decent progress on the cross-stitch now I am on leave from work, but it still has a ways to go before it is done.

Till next time!



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