Final Pregnancy Recap and Delivery story: 38-41 weeks.

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Weeks 38 and 39 were relatively uneventful and I just continued to have some mild reflux/heartburn and the pelvic pain when walking long distances or turning over in bed. I had an OBGYN appointment at 39 weeks where we went over our options for delivery now we were considered full term. My OBGYN was amazing and laid out all the options (including elective c-section) and ran through the pros and cons for each option. We decided to go with her recommendation of ‘wait and see’.

Over the next week I tried to walk as much as I could whilst not overdoing it, drink plenty of water and continue my yoga practice. At my 40 week appointment we also decided on a wait and see approach as everything was going so smoothly. We made an appointment to have the Prostin gel inserted if nothing happened by 41 weeks but even though we gave it a lot of time to work, it did not.

We had the gel on the evening prior to 41 weeks and despite some very low level tightenings, it didn’t make much of a difference. He was still high and unengaged, no matter what we did! At this point we decided to schedule a caesarean section for the afternoon if nothing started that morning.

The day went incredibly slowly and we were prepared for the section. Here is a quick run down of the process for me:

1. Had a canula inserted into my hand and some bloods taken to measure my haemoglobin level.

2. Midwife came and put me in a standard hospital gown and got my paperwork together for me.

3. Was taken down to the waiting area while my husband got changed into his scrubs.

4. Spoke with the anaesthetist about the spinal block, side effects, her plan for pain relief etc

5. Wheeled into the OR and given the spinal anaesthetic and a catheter inserted into my bladder.

6. After my husband came in, the OBGYN began the operation!

7. Baby was born, shown to me for a few seconds then handed to the Paediatrician for checking over. He was given his Hepatitis B vaccination and shot of Vitamin K.

8. Skin to skin time with baby while the OB delivered the placenta and began stitching me back together.

9. Baby was taken, wrapped, given to my husband for cuddles and they both were escorted to recovery.

10. I was cleaned up a bit, transferred to a bed and wheeled into recovery for more skin to skin time with baby and some lovely warm blankets. Once they were satisfied with my blood pressure, temperature and level of sensation I was sent back to my postpartum room.

11. Back to our room! The process took all day but once I was in the standby area, it was only around 3 hours until I was back in my room.

So he is here! Little Otto was born on 29 November and weighed 3.3kgs. The caesarean was very smooth and uncomplicated. The anaesthetist I had was amazing and she did the spinal block very quickly and the most pain I had was the local anesthetic needles she used to numb my back. She also topped up the spinal with morphine to aid recovery and an anti-nausea medication. This allowed me to focus on my baby and chat freely to my husband and the doctors.

I could feel a lot of pushing, pulling and pressure but absolutely no pain, which was a very weird sensation! I loved the fact that the Drs all spoke to me at some point and everyone was excited and happy. The  paediatrician was amusing as his name was Dr McDonald and his phone’s ring  tone was ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm”.

Recovery has been great so far, the first 24 hours were a little irritating as I was confined to bed and hooked up to a bunch of machines. But once I was up and showered, I felt amazing! Well, more amazing than I had been feeling anyway.

I was given a binder to wear to support my belly and compression  socks to make sure I didn’t have any clotting issues. Both of these things will be worn till at least 3 weeks post section. I also can’t drive for around 3 weeks which is fine with me as I don’t really feel like driving whilst so sleep deprived.

Otto passed all his hospital checks with flying colours and we came home 5 days post section and though it has been difficult, I still don’t want this stage to hurry by at all and am trying to enjoy it as much as possible.

I will do a separate post for my progress on Otto’s birth sampler cross-stitch. Till then, have a great run up to Christmas and New Years.


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