Newborn Cloth Nappy Review

Since we brought our son home, he has been in cloth nappies (diapers). I had 25 nappies that were specifically sized for a newborn as my ‘one size’ collection wouldn’t start fitting until he reaches at least 4kgs.

*I will note that I paid full price for these nappies from Darlings Downunder and have not received any endorsements or incentives from the companies involved*

Here are my reviews of the brands I have been using. We will soon be transitioning to my ‘one-size’ collection. My son started using cloth at 3.36kgs and is now over 3.7kgs and we have been using them for almost 4 weeks:


Grovia Newborn


Nappy Style: All-In-One

Sizing: 2.3kgs to 5.5kgs

Ease of Fit: I found this brand a little harder to fit correctly, but once I got the hang of it for my son, they were fine. Probably would fit better on babies with chunky legs.

Containment: Containment is fine in this nappy, although I found my son couldn’t go as long between changes in this one, particularly during his longer period of sleep at night.

Colours: Some cute prints but not particularly outstanding.

Comments: These nappies are a standard daytime workhorse nappy and are easier to fit now he is a bit heavier. I would probably not buy more of this nappy, as there are others I prefer instead.


Rumparooz Lil Joeys Newborn


Nappy Style: All-In-One

Sizing: 1.8kg to 5.5kg

Ease of Fit: Very Easy to get a good fit on this nappy, especially on my son’s skinny legs. It features a snap down to make room for the umbilical cord stump.

Containment: Excellent containment but can wick onto clothes if not fitted correctly.

Colours: This brand has some excellent patterns and colours. They look very trim and cute on baby.

Comments: These were initially my favourite nappies as they are easy to fit around the cord stump and contained everything really well. However, now that my son is nearly 4kgs, he has started out wetting this style and it no longer lasts as long between changes.


Tots Bots Teeny Fit v4


Nappy Style: All-In-One

Sizing:  2.25kg to 6.5kg

Ease of Fit: The velcro closure on this nappy makes it a very easy fit.

Containment: Excellent containment for everything. This nappy has contained some pretty explosive contents perfectly.

Colours: These prints are really cute and I would love to get more.

Comments: I have been using these nappies for when I need just that little bit extra time between changes or want to make sure that there is a very minimal chance of a leak (i.e. in the carseat). These also dry very quickly after being washed as they are a semi-pocket style nappy and could be boosted a little for heavy wetters. If I have another child, I will get another couple of these.


Close Pop In Newborn


Nappy Style: All-In-Two/Snap In

Sizing: 2kgs -5.5kgs

Ease of Fit: This is probably the best fit for my son and the easiest to get correct (especially for babysitters), thanks to the velcro closure and double leg gussets.

Containment: These are bomb proof. Best containment out of all the brands I have for a newborn. Never had a leak from these ones so far.

Colours: No prints but lovely pastel colours.

Comments: These are probably my favourite nappy for newborns, they are relatively trim, contain everything and my son hasn’t managed to out wet these ones, even after 4 hours of wear overnight between feeds. I would get more of these nappies if I have another child. These are the ones I would buy as a gift for a cloth nappy-ing mum-to-be.


Cloth Nappies Overall

A few people doubted I could manage a newborn and full time cloth nappy-ing but it has been easier than I expected. The washing machine does most of the hard work and as the newborn ones I have are either all-in-ones or snap-in-twos, the assembly is very easy. My son hasn’t had any nappy rash so far and leaks have been due to either myself or my husband getting the fit wrong or leaving him a bit long between changes. Looking forward to getting into my bright colours and lovely prints of the ‘one-size’ nappies I have, but a little sad that he will outgrow the absorbency of the newborn ones in possibly 2-3 weeks time.



6 thoughts on “Newborn Cloth Nappy Review

    • I know! I was a bit nervous at first but it really didn’t feel like much work. I was a bit sad today when I put his newborn sized nappies in the bottom drawer and moved his ‘one size’ collection up. But he wore the one size ones overnight and I didn’t have to change his clothes so win!


      • My little one grew out of newborn size about 2 weeks ago, and it was very sad to put them away! But yes, the one size diapers seem to hold a lot more without leaking, even if they do add exponentially more bulk! Our washer is broken at the moment so we’re using disposables until maintenance comes, and I hate them!

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