WIP Round Up: Taking stock of my WIPs and stitching plans for the next little while

Since having my son 6 months ago (time is going very fast), I haven’t found too much time for stitching but I am finding a bit of time now he is getting older. I went through my WIP pile and decided what I was going to do with each of them and what my stitching plans would be.

Each WIP is listed below with as much information as I can remember and what my decision is. I need to prioritise my WIPs as I don’t have time for them all, as I may only get 30 minutes here and there, mostly after bedtime. Hopefully this post doesn’t get to rambling.


1. Eiffel Tower

Designer: Witchykitt

Fabric: 18 Count Cream Aida

This was started a long time ago and I have lost enthusiasm for it. I hate to put anything into the UFO pile, but I have other projects that I would prefer to do instead and I cannot see myself getting back to this one. I haven’t done too much on it and will salvage the fabric for something else.

Decision: UFO – Salvage the fabric for something else

2. Embarkation

Designer: Witchykitt

Fabric: 18 Count Cream Aida

I am conflicted about this project. I love the original design still and I would love to finish it. But I am a bit unsure of the designer now, especially after seeing the quality of Heaven and Earth Designs. I might put this one away for now but plan to work on it soon.

Decision: Keep for later.

3.  HAED – Parliament of Owls

Designer: Heaven and Earth Designs

Fabric: 25 Count Tan Evenweave

I started this project on 1st December 2014 and I still absolutely love the project, but I hate the fabric I chose. I dislike stitching 1 over 1 a lot. I am conflicted about this project as I have such a long way to go and I think it would be better if I restarted on a different fabric so I could stitch with 2 threads. However, I feel like I have wasted a lot of time stitching on it so should just keep going on the evenweave.

Decision: Unsure, possible restart

4. HAED – Storykeep Die Walkur

Designer: Heaven and Earth Designs

Fabric: 25 Count White Lugana

I also started to stitch this 1 over 1 as well which I dislike. However, it is a storykeep and I have already finished 1 of the 4 chart pages and have partially completed a second, so I will finish this eventually.

Decision: Keep as a WIP

5. Custom Wedding Sampler

Designer: Elite Designs

Fabric: 28 Count Ecru Linen

This is my wedding sampler and it is very overdue. I love the design and I am around 1/3rd finished. The fabric is not my favourite but I will keep going as I have done so much work on it already. This project should be my priority when I get stitching time as I would love to see it completed. My husband also loves this project and would also like to see it done.

Decision: Keep as WIP, make a priority

6. Pumpkin Passport

Designer: Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

Fabric: 32 count Lugana in Underground King by Colour Cascade Fabrics

I started this at the beginning of 2016 as a stitch-a-long but an overseas trip and the all consuming first trimester fatigue I experienced put this project to the wayside. I love the fabric and I would love to hang this project in our study or our son’s nursery.

Decision: Keep as a WIP

7. Rise of the Phoenix

Designer: Clouds Factory

Fabric: 32ct Lugana by Colour Cascade Fabrics

I would love to finish this design into a pillow for our study. I will keep the WIP to finish one day. It is a fairly small design and would make an excellent travel project.

Decision: Keep as a WIP

8. Pokemon Afghan Blanket

Designer: Myself, using charts from various contributors on DeviantArt

Fabric: Afghan Blanket

I want to eventually get this finished to give to my nephew as a gift. Each of these pokemon are a fairly quick stitch and they are very simple. I might take this to the odd stitching afternoon I go to. The fabric of the blanket was tricky to work with until I backed it with interfacing. This stabilised the blanket and made it easy to stitch on.

Decision: Keep as a WIP

9. Pretty Little London

Designer: Satsuma Street

Fabric: 32 count Lugana in Sorcerer by Colour Cascade Fabrics, 2 over 2

I will finish this one eventually and will do any of the other “little” cities that I have visited. I will place the year I first visited somewhere in the design.

Decision: Keep as WIP


  • 1 x UFO (Eiffel Tower)
  • 1 x Possible Restart (Parliament of Owls)
  • 7 x WIPS


So, with my limited stitching time, I have decided to implement a goal based rotation, rather than time based. So for the next 4 goals, I will:

  1. Complete the scrolls, names and details on the Custom Wedding Sampler
  2. Complete a page on HAED Die Walkur
  3. Complete a Pokemon on the Blanket
  4. Complete the Final Crest (King) on the Custom Wedding Sampler.

I have been lucky enough to be able to go to a meetup of local stitchers recently and I hope to make a few more meetups as they are a fantastic way to get some progress and keep up with what is happening in the stitching world.


I have recently discovered a few Australian stitchers who have Youtube Channels where they share their projects, purchases and tutorials. They are fabulous to watch while folding nappies and if I get stuck in bed with the baby during naps. If you get the chance and feel like watching something fun, check out the following channels:

  • Thread Garden
  • Vintage Chic Stitcher
  • Tash the Star-crossed Stitcher
  • Aussie Stitcher
  • Pyrex Stitches
  • Carolyn Mazzeo
  • Tipsy Stitcher

Until next time, hope you get some time to stitch and that the frog stays away.


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