August 2016 WIP Update: A New Start

Here we are at the end of another month for 2016. I had high hopes that this year I would get all those WIPs worked on and keep up with  my stitch-a-longs, well, it hasn’t quite worked like that!

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December 2015 WIP Update: Storytime Sampler, Pikachu and Custom Wedding Sampler.

The final WIP update for 2015! I haven’t done as much stitching this month as I have previously. The festive season tends to get in the way and I have been practicing my piano more often as well. However, I still have 2 finishes for the month!

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October 2015 WIP Update: Storytime Sampler, A Good Marriage and a New Start!

Well, October is finished and we are swiftly moving towards the end of the year! I am already formulating my 2016 stitching plans. Would love to hear what everyone else has planned too! I am still planning it out at the moment, but I think I will try and clear some of my WIPs and get them completed. Anyway, onto October’s WIPS…see last months’ blog here.

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August 2015 WIP Update: Storytime Sampler & A Good Marriage

August has finally come to a close and here in Australia it is starting to look a little like spring again. Sometimes this makes me want to stitch more, in a sunny spot usually, but sometimes my stitching time is limited because I take advantage of the good weather. In August I completed two more frames on the Storytime Sampler. To view previous WIP updates follow the links:








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